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Splinter Tweezers w/Magnifier

A useful tweezer for detailed work. Incorporates glass magnifier which is mounted to the tweezer, freeing up a hand for another use.


Disposable Tweezers

These are general-purpose plastic tweezers with serrated tip. Individually wrapped.


Standard Kit Scissors

Ideal for cutting bandages and dressings.


Finger Guards

Plastic guard prevents further injury of fingers or toes

#2351  Sm 

#2352  Md

#2353  Lg

Eye Magnet w/loop

Equipped with a magnet on one end for removal of steel fragments. Nylon loop on the other end removes non-magnetized pieces. Stainless steel construction.


Splinter Remover 5pk

Sterile and individually wrapped splinter remover designed with a tri-beveled tip to loosen to pull out splinters. 


Cotton Tip Applicators  100ct

Soft cotton tips. Use to apply ointments or remove foreign matter from eye.


EMT Utility Shears 7

Specially design that allows them to be used next to the victims skin with out cutting the victim.


Standard Kit Tweezers

Ideal for all types of detail work. Individually wrapped. Metal.


Dumont Splinter Tweezer 5"

Metal tweezer used for removal of small foreign objects with needle point sharpness.


Latex Finger Cots  144ct

Can be used to either keep dressings on fingers dry or to prevent cross contamination. Comes in color blue.



Lister Bandage Scissors

Designed for cross way cutting of bandages that are in place on the patient.
#1512 - 4 1/2"
#1514 - 5 1/2
#1516 - 7 1/2