Adult First Aid | CPR AED Pocket

Preference Guide

Comes with any full First Aid Cabinet as well as the standard Truck Kit Fill.

Eye Magnet w/ loop

Eye magnet with loop is designed to remove metallic and non-metallic objects from the eye with minimal intrusion.

Item # 1531

Splinter Remover

Disposable splinter removers are individually wrapped, sterile, and ready.

5/ pack | Item # 1524

Cotton Tip Applicators

Soft cotton tips. Use to apply ointments or remove foreign matter from eye.

100 / container | Item # 0852

EMT Shears

Stainless steel sheers with one serrated edge to cut through tough material. Safety tip to prevent injury.

7  1/4" | Item # 1515

Kit Tweezers Metal

Tweezers come in handy for all types of detail work. Individually wrapped.

Item # 1501

Dumont Splinter Tweezer 5"

For removal of small foreign objects with needle point sharpness.

Item # 1509

Latex Finger Cots

Can be used to either keep dressings on fingers dry or to prevent cross contamination. Comes in color blue.

144/ box | Medium | Item # FL01Md

144/ box | Large | Item # FL01Lg

Lister Bandage Scissors

Specially designed edge that allows them to be used next to the victims skin without cutting the victim.
4  1/2" |  Item # 1512
5  1/2" | Item # 1514 
7  1/2" | Item # 1516

I N S T R U M E N T S + 

E M E R G E N C Y  D E V I C E S

Splinter Tweezer w/ Magnifier

A useful tweezer for detailed work. Incorporates glass magnifier which is mounted to the tweezer, freeing up a hand for another use.

Item # 1503

Finger Guards

Plastic guard prevents further injury of fingers or toes.

Small | Item # 2351

Medium | Item # 2352

Large | Item # 2353

Disposable Tweezers

These are general-purpose plastic tweezers with serrated tip. Precise in design and convenient to use. Individually wrapped. 

Item # 1505

Nelco First Aid

Kit Scissors - Wire

Ideal for cutting bandages, dressings, and more.

Item # 1510

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