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Nelco First Aid

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Econo Responder Fanny Pack​

Item #0290

In An Emergency

Trauma Kit- Empty (bag only)

ITEM# 0193

​Have a First Aid Trauma Kit on hand to respond to serious injuries. Immediate treatment can prevent further damage, reduce recovery time, and even save a life. This fully-stocked First Aid Trauma Kit provides many of the basic tools you’ll need to respond to serious injuries.

Contents of trauma kit include:

  • 15" x 8" x 8" polyester, lined Bag
  • 1" x 3" Adhesive Strip Qty:50
  • EMT Utility Scissors 7.25"
  • 1" x 5yd Adhesive Tape
  • Antiseptic Towelettes Qty:20
  • 2" Roller Gauze  Qty:2
  • 3" Roller Gauze  Qty:2
  • 3" x 3" Sterile Pads Qty:2
  • 5" x 9" ABD Pad  Qty:2
  • Ammonia Inhalants Qty:10
  • Triangular Bandage
  • Bloodstopper Compress
  • 3" CoTear
  • Full Face CPR Mask w/inlet valve
  • 10" x 30" Multi-Trauma Dressing
  • 54" x 84" Yellow Emergency Blanket
  • Large Cold Pack
  • Bite Stick
  • 4-mil Nitrile Gloves  Qty:4
  • First Aid Emergency Guide

Trauma Kit- Full

Item #0196

It can be difficult to think clearly in the midst of an emergency. Training your brain before you find yourself in a high-pressure situation may help you save a life or potentially help someone in pain.

There are 3 C’s to remember—

Check...for dangerous or unsafe conditions.

Call...9-1-1 if serious emergencies exist.

Care...for victims until medical professionals arrive.

When it comes to first aid, there are 3 P’s to remember—

Preserve life.

Prevent deterioration.

Promote recovery.